Meta-analysis results for all treatments

Treatment relative effect with 95% CI; and degree of certainty (adaptated from GRADE). method

Treament Trials      
clinical deteriorationclinical improvementdeathsviral clearance
RNA vaccine42-- 0.50 [0.11; 2.28], 2 RCTs, I2=0%
inconclusive result
Inactivated virus vaccine10-- OBS 0.20 [0.14; 0.28], 1 study, I2=0%
unassessable degree of certainty
Non replicating viral vector10-- 0.19 [0.06; 0.64], 2 RCTs, I2=0%
moderate degree of certainty
protein subunit vaccine3----
vaccine 3rd dose2----
heterologous prime-boost1----
A EFFACER Janssen Ad.26.COV2.S vaccine (JNJ-78436725)0----
BBV152 (Bharat Biotech, India)0----
BCG vaccination0----
DNA vaccine0----
Sanofi/GSK recombinant protein vaccine0----
sequential Immunization0----
Shifa-Pharmed inactivated vaccine0----
Vero cell0----
virus-like particles vaccine0----
Zy-Cov-D (Zydus Cadila)0----