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Vitamin D in COVID 19 hospitalized - Summary of results

OutcomeTE95% CInkI2ROBPub. bias deathsdetailed resultsEntrenas (Pilot Calcifediol), 2020 0.12 [0.01; 2.79] 0.12[0.01; 2.79]Entrenas (Pilot Calcifediol), 202010%76moderatenot evaluable ICU admissiondetailed resultsEntrenas (Pilot Calcifediol), 2020 0.03 [0.00; 0.27] 0.03[0.00; 0.27]Entrenas (Pilot Calcifediol), 202010%76moderatenot evaluable0.02.01.0relative treatment effectwww.metaEvidence.org2020-11-25 12:28 +01:00

TE: relative treatment effect (measured by a risk ratio, an odds ratio or an hazard ratio depending on what is reported in the papers); k: number of studies; n: total number of patients; ROB: risk of bias (ROB 2.0); Pub. bias: publication bias; OBS: observational studies; RCT: randomized clinical trials
studied treatment is better when TE > 1; studied treatment is better when TE < 1;

pathologies: 95,94,90,91 - treatments: 734 - roots T: 290