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COVID 19 hospitalized meta-analysis

Ansarin, 2020
RCTbromhexinestandard of careCOVID 19 hospitalizedhigh
39/39 suggested
  • suggested 91 % decrease in ventilation but with a low degree of certainty due to high risk of bias

COVID-19 mild to moderate meta-analysis

Li T, 2020
RCTbromhexinestandard of careCOVID-19 mild to moderatesome concern
12/6 suggested
  • suggested 9.0-fold increase in hospital discharge with a moderate degree of certainty due to some concern in risk of bias

PE: primary endpoint; (a): to be demonstrated a result must be statistically significant on a primary endpoint (with multiplicity adjustment if necessary);
Study risk of bias assessed for the study primary endpoint(s) or the main endpoints in case of no formally defined primary endpoint(s).