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COVID 19 hospitalized meta-analysis

Bruce, 2020 OBSnon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugscontrolCOVID 19 hospitalizedNA
54/1168 inconclusive
  • inconclusive 11 % decrease in deaths (time to event analysis only) (PE)
Wenxin, 2020
OBSCelecoxibcontrolCOVID 19 hospitalizedNA
36/7 suggested
  • suggested 92 % decrease in clinical deterioration
  • suggested 11.8-fold increase in clinical improvement
concentrations of PGE2 in urine samples of COVID-19 patients were significantly higher than that of healthy individuals (mean value is 170 ng/ml vs 18.8 ng/ml, p<0.01) and positively correlated with the progression of COVID-19.
Jeong, 2020 OBSnon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugscontrolCOVID 19 hospitalizedNA
354/1470 safety concern
  • statistically significant 65 % increase in clinical deterioration (PE)
  • statistically significant 87 % increase in cardiovascular or renal events

PE: primary endpoint; (a): to be demonstrated a result must be statistically significant on a primary endpoint (with multiplicity adjustment if necessary);
Study risk of bias assessed for the study primary endpoint(s) or the main endpoints in case of no formally defined primary endpoint(s).