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COVID 19 all comers meta-analysis

ChiCTR2000030054-HCQ (Chen), 2020
RCThydroxychloroquinestandard of careCOVID 19 all comershigh
18/12 inconclusive
    Gautret et al., 2020 NRahydroxychloroquinecontrolCOVID 19 all comersserious
    20/16 suggested
    • suggested 15.3-fold increase in PCR-negative conversion (PE) but with a low degree of certainty due to high risk of bias
    a viral load reduction/disappearance is claimed but the numerous methological limits preclude any strong conclusion

    PE: primary endpoint; (a): to be demonstrated a result must be statistically significant on a primary endpoint (with multiplicity adjustment if necessary);
    Study risk of bias assessed for the study primary endpoint(s) or the main endpoints in case of no formally defined primary endpoint(s).